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College Essay Writing Tip #10 - How to Write a Definition EssayEssay Editing Service

In many ways, the definition essay is the most fundamental essay type, since it requires the student to examine in detail the characteristics of a given thing or concept. Essentially all writing emerges from the mental habit of analyzing things according to their constituent parts that the definition essay helps you to practice. Even a literature essay, for example, examines the definitive characteristics of a given work and is therefore a kind of definition essay in its own way. "What are the central themes of Moby Dick?" "What are the ironies inherent in 'Young Goodman Brown'"? "How Does Amy Tan...

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Happy Independence Day from Editors for Students

On July 4th, 1845, Henry David Thoreau settled into a small cabin he built for himself on Walden Pond, where he lived for two years, two weeks, and two days recording the sights and sounds of the pond in Concord. Though Thoreau himself claimed that his choice to move to Walden on Independence Day had no metaphorical significance, his act stands as a reminder of the meaning of independence. We all, in some areas of our lives, search out our own private Waldens: Places where, communing with our better natures, we find the work--and the play--that comes so naturally it...

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