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Our Thesis & Dissertation Services

Thesis and Dissertation Editing Service

The first online editing company to focus specifically on serving student scholars, we've helped student and academic writers prepare and publish their final dissertation drafts since our founding in 2002 in San Jose, California, editing and formatting tens of thousands of dissertation pages for ProQuest publication and ERIC's database alone.

Our thesis and dissertation editing, proofreading, and formatting services address errors in grammar, clarity, style, voice, and citation and layout formatting, ensuring that your final draft is ready for final approval without revisions.

Our Promise 

We will ensure, as we have since 2002, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment.  

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Thesis and Dissertation Editing ServiceThesis and Dissertation Editing Service

Thesis and Dissertation Editing Service
Our thesis and dissertation editing service corrects errors in logic, grammar, style, and voice while improving the structural coherence of the thesis or dissertation overall, strengthening the relationship between sentences, paragraphs, and concepts while leaving core ideas intact.

Our thesis and dissertation proofreading focuses on catching the errors in spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation that a word processor's grammar and spelling check routinely ignore. Once we've edited for grammar, style, and voice, we complete your dissertation editing with a final proofreading pass to ensure that the minutest of details are covered. By "minutest of details," we mean every comma use, extra space, unneeded carriage return, typo, homophone substitution, and stray period (the list could go on).

Our dissertation formatting service prepares dissertations according to the latest APA, MLA, AP, and Turabian/Chicago manuals of style. In addition, we can work to meet the university-specific guidelines our clients send us.
Our Complete Prep thesis and dissertation service includes editing, citation formatting, and layout formatting at a combined rate. 

No Revisions Necessary: Your Final Draft is Here

After we've completed editing and proofreading your dissertation, we'll send a copy of your edited dissertation draft back to you with track changes turned on for your review (and to show our work). We don't leave comments for you to address or any marginal notes that you'll need to sort through. When we find an error, we correct it so that you don't have to. It's that straightforward.