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Final Draft Thesis & Dissertation Editing

Our thesis/dissertation editing service (available with a 1- or 2-week Order Essay Editing or Thesis / Dissertation Editing Servicesdeadline) prepares your thesis or dissertation for final submission and publication. Our services ensure that your thesis or dissertation is accepted without requests for revisions (if there are any, we'll take care of them), is written in clear, concise prose, follows your reference style guidelines, and has perfect layout formatting.  

What Does Editing Cover?

With our Final Draft Dissertation Editing service, we review your thesis or dissertation five separate times in five distinct phases of editing to ensure that we've edited every line, minute mistake, potentially awkward or colloquial phrase, syntax error, and more (we probably shouldn't list them all here). In these five stages of editing your work, we'll cover all the following elements of style for you and return a final, publication-ready draft.


  • Grammar: In our first pass of dissertation editing, we correct subject-verb agreement, pronoun referents, run-on and fragmented sentences (i.e., sentence boundaries), weak or improper verb usage, and other fatal grammatical mistakes. In this stage, we correct for basic grammar before we move on to the next step: style and voice editing.
  • Style & Voice: In our second pass over every dissertation or thesis our clients order, we edit for style and voice. Style and voice editing addresses tone, word choice, pronoun usage, sentence structure, transitions, and paragraph length where appropriate. It also ensures that your writing conventions are consistent with your field's style guides (for example, numbers and statistical terminology are written differently in APA than MLA, and the correct use of italics varies across disciplines). "Voice," meanwhile, addresses the use of the passive voice when an active voice is better or required by your style guide. The overuse of active voice is common in academic writing that reports research results but most guides recommend that it be used sparingly.
  • Proofreading: Once we've edited for grammar, style, and voice, we complete your dissertation editing with a final proofreading pass to ensure that the minutest of details are covered. By "minutest of details," we mean every comma use, extra space, unneeded carriage return, typo, homonym substitution, and stray period (the list could go on).  
  • Citation Formatting (optional): Most clients include citation formatting with their thesis or dissertation editing order. With this added service, we check and revise your citations (footnotes or parenthetical references) and reference list. Like our other passes over your draft, this review requires a focus on tiny details that most writers (even most editors, in our experience seeking them) miss. Are the commas after the journal title in your APA reference list italicized? Do Chicago footnotes cite previous authors correctly? We won't let your thesis or dissertation go to publication with these errors or get rejected because of them.
  • Layout Formatting (optional): Layout formatting is one of the most technically complicated aspects of preparing your final thesis or dissertation. It requires using multiple Word functions (e.g., the styles pane, pagination, headers and footers, section and page breaks). With layout formatting added to your order, we format your dissertation per your university's layout guidelines to ensure that the margins, page numbering, spacing, headers, Table of Contents/List of Tables, table and figure tags, and anything else listed in them are correct. 

Which Service Should I Order?

There are two ways to order dissertation editing. The easiest is to request our Complete Prep service, which includes editing, citation formatting, and layout formatting—all five of these editorial passes—for a package rate with a 2-week deadline.

If you'd prefer a faster deadline or to select which formatting services to include, you can use our Thesis/Dissertation order page to choose your desired add-ons and deadline.

Some writers may prefer our dissertation proofreading service, which covers basic grammar but not style and voice. For most clients, we recommend dissertation editing instead of proofreading, since proofreading, in the industry, is reserved for the final review of an edited book. 

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How Will I Receive My Finished Draft?

After we've completed all five of our Final Draft Editing passes through your thesis or dissertation, we'll send a copy of your completed draft to you with track changes turned on (for your review and to show our work). We may mark some missing citation information for you to look up, but otherwise, your thesis or dissertation draft will be ready to submit for final approval and publication. We don't leave comments for you to address or any marginal notes that you'll need to sort through. In case you'd like to see what an edited dissertation looks like with track changes turned on, our reading room has samples for your review.

What If I Need To Make Changes or See Errors?

If you need or decide to make revisions after our editing, we can check any sections you mark with highlighting and set up an invoice for just that word count. We don't think you'll see errors, but if you believe you do, we ask that you check with us before making any changes so that we can confirm the rule and honor our guarantee. 

Our Promise

We will ensure, as we have since 2002, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment.  

How Much Does it Cost?

The rates for dissertation editing depend on the services you'd like included. We don't charge by the hour because that method encourages dishonest practices (padding hours, etc.). Instead, the rates for our dissertation services are based on the number of pages, with a page counted, at the industry standard, every 250 words. Along with keeping editors honest about their time, this approach adjusts for differences in formatting between our client's orders (e.g., single spacing, numerous tables and figures, font size, and other factors all affect a thesis or dissertation's physical, printed page count). 

Can We Give You an Estimate?

That's no problem. When you visit the order page for either Complete Prep or Dissertation Editing, you'll see your total (excluding any discounts, which are added at the cart). You'll be asked to upload your document, but if you're not ready to order, you don't need to.

Can You Contact Us?

You can reach us at our contact page if you have questions about our services. If you'd like to hear a human voice, you can leave a number and a time to call, but know that we ultimately need any details or questions about your order sent in writing so that we can keep track of your requests. You can add comments related to your order in the comments field when you get to the shopping cart for the Complete Prep or dissertation editing service. However you decide to reach out to us, we look forward to hearing from you!