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Dissertation Editing ServicesThesis / Dissertation Editing Service

Our dissertation editing service, dissertation proofreading service, and dissertation formatting service are designed to meet the needs of doctoral students who are writing in English as either a first or second language and need clarity, grammar, and style addressed before submitting a final draft to a committee or university reviewer. We prepare that final draft, offering intensive dissertation editing for students seeking absolute clarity in their writing, dissertation proofreading for confident writers who would like their dissertations double-checked for spelling, agreement, and punctuation, and dissertation formatting for those who want to gain an edge on the final approval process. 

Thesis / Dissertation Editing Service
  • Thesis / Dissertation Editing Service ($5/pg.): Our dissertation editing service corrects errors in logic and grammar while improving the structural coherence of the dissertation overall, strengthening the relationship between sentences, paragraphs, and concepts while leaving core ideas intact and includes copy editing/proofreading.
  • Thesis / Dissertation Proofreading Service ($3/pg.): Our dissertation proofreading service focuses on catching the errors in spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation that a word processor's grammar and spelling check routinely ignore.
  • Thesis / Dissertation Formatting Service ($3/pg., $2/pg. with editing): Our dissertation formatting service prepares dissertations according to the latest APA, MLA, AP, and Turabian/Chicago manuals of style. In addition, we can work to meet the university-specific guidelines our clients send us.

Our Quality Guarantee: Since we provide a non-returnable service (as distinct from a returnable or exchangeable product), we cannot offer refunds for any services rendered, but we will ensure, as we have since 2002, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in. 

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