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Essay Editing Service

Essay Editing Service

Our final draft essay editing service focuses on helping writers with strong ideas to convey their concepts more clearly and concisely for academic audiences, including individual professors, committees, and scholarly presses. We also work with clients globally on documents prepared for government agencies and international NGOs. We provide a final, print-ready draft of your essay without leaving comments for you to address.  

Our Promise 

We will ensure, as we have since 2002, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment.  

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Essay Editing ServiceEssay Editing Service
Essay Editing Service

What Essay Editing Covers

We check every line of your academic article or essay for grammar, style, clarity, and voice. We address potentially awkward or colloquial phrases, syntax errors, and the following elements of academic writing:

  • Grammar: In our first pass of essay editing, we correct subject-verb agreement, pronoun referents, run-on and fragmented sentences (i.e., sentence boundaries), weak or improper verb usage, and other fatal grammatical mistakes. In this stage, we correct for basic grammar before we move on to the next step: style and voice editing.
  • Style & Voice: In our second pass over every essay or article our clients order, we edit for style and voice. Style and voice editing addresses tone, word choice, pronoun usage, sentence structure, the overuse of active voice, and more. It also ensures that your writing conventions are consistent with your field's style guides (for example, numbers and statistical terminology are written differently in APA than MLA, and the correct use of italics varies across disciplines). "Voice," meanwhile, addresses the use of the passive voice when an active voice is better or required by your style guide.
  • Proofreading: Once we've edited for grammar, style, and voice, we complete our essay editing with a final proofreading pass to ensure that the final details are covered: every last comma use error, extra space, unneeded carriage return, and stray period (the list could go on) is found and corrected.  
  • Citation Formatting (optional): Most of our clients include citation formatting with their essay editing order. With this added service, we check and revise your citations (footnotes or parenthetical references) and reference list. Like our other passes over your draft, this one requires a focus on details that most writers (even most editors) miss. Are the commas after the journal title in your APA reference list italicized? Are your DOIs full URLs? Are your Chicago footnotes citing previous authors correctly? We'll cover all these fine details.
  • Layout Formatting (optional): Layout formatting requires using multiple Word functions (e.g., the styles pane, pagination, headers and footers, section and page breaks). With layout formatting added to your essay editing order, we format your paper per your style guidelines to ensure that the margins, page numbering, spacing, headers, Table of Contents/List of Tables, table and figure tags, and anything else they require are correct. 

If you're confident in your essay's style and voice and would only like a review for basic grammar, you may prefer to order our essay proofreading services.

Your Final Draft is Here

When you order essay editing services from us, we'll edit for grammar, style, and voice (and format if you ask us to) directly in your document using Word's track changes function. When we see an error, we fix it. When we see an awkward phrase, we revise it. Unlike our competitors online, we don't leave editorial suggestions or comments for you to address. 

Our Essay Editing Samples

The editing samples in our library show what our essay editing services cover, and this recent sample we requested from a competitor and re-edited to our standard shows the Editors For Students difference.