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Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Services

Combining general guidelines from up-to-date manuals of style with yourOrder Thesis / Dissertation Formattinguniversity department guidelines, our thesis and dissertation formatting services ensure that the precise formatting standards required by dissertation committees and databases like ProQuest are met.

Reference List & Citation Formatting

Our citation style formatting service addresses tiny overlooked errors (and the major ones) in your reference lists and parenthetical or footnote citations. We also cross-check your reference list to ensure that cited sources are listed in the references and vice versa. You can download and view a sample of our citation formatting work here (the Word file will download) or by visiting our reading room.

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Layout Formatting Service

Our layout formatting service ensures that your dissertation or thesis complies with university guideline requirements and covers the following elements of thesis dissertation formatting:

  • Preliminary Pages: In your preliminary pages, we create your tables of contents and lists of tables of figures, paginate your pages (which are usually paginated differently from the body of your work), correct the layout of your title pages, and anything else required by your manual.
  • Font, Spacing, Margins, and Tabs: We won't lie: spacing, margins, and tabs are among the most time-consuming and detail-oriented aspects of formatting. In every document we format, we find dozens of misplaced tabs, extra spaces between headings, differently spaced paragraphs, 
  • Pagination: The correct placement of page numbers can vary from university to university. We've mastered the Microsoft Word tools and features required to format and place your page numbers exactly where they're required to be.
  • Figures & Tables: Figures and tables present thesis and dissertation data in comprehensive form, but even with sound data and presentation, committees can find fault with easy-to-overlook elements of figure and table presentation. Our formatting service checks and correctly arranges table tags and the relationship of tables and figures to text.
  • Headings & Subheadings: The placement and formatting of chapter and section headings in theses and dissertations need to comply with university standards and be consistent throughout. As we move through your document, we'll check and repair heading and subheading formatting.

Editors For Students Formatting Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Our thesis and dissertation formatting rates are calculated based on your document's total word count. (We've learned from researching other editors that hourly rates for these services invite dishonest billing.) There are three ways to order these formatting services: individually, combined as a formatting package, or with our editing included. We can offer the most affordable price for formatting when you order Complete Prep editing, but we understand that not everyone needs a complete editing pass. (Some writers opt for our dissertation proofreading service with formatting added on.) You can view our rates for citation formatting and layout formatting here and here and enter your word count for a no-obligation estimate.

What If You Need Other Formatting Work?

If you have requests for services not listed here (such as table and image design or importing .pdf files), we can very likely fulfill them in a reasonable amount of time at an hourly rate. We can also research and add your missing references, citations, and reference information. Feel free to contact us with any "bespoke" requests like these.

Our rate for dissertation citation formatting only applies to complete works, but we can format standalone reference lists when you order and send it over using any one of our editing services and add citation formatting to your order. 

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Our Promise

We will ensure, as we have since 2002, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment.