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Download, Invoicing, and Upload Instructions

Step 1 - Claim and Invoice

A. First, check to make sure that the order is unfulfilled. Only unfulfilled orders are available. These are marked with the yellow tag after "Order details"


B. Next, create an invoice for the draft to claim it. To create an invoice, use the total page count listed for the order to start, multiply that by 250 to yield the invoiced word count. Once you've yielded the word count, divide that number by 300 to yield the freelancer's page count and then multiply the freelancer's page count by your rate per page for the service types the client has ordered. The simple calculation looks like this: PAGES x 250 / 300 x [Service Rates] = TOTAL INVOICE. 

For reference, the rates for each of the services from your freelancer contract are posted at the bottom of this page of instructions. Once you've done that, you have your total! Paste that into the timeline, add "Claimed" and your name, and press the "Post" button. 

C. Now, "Tag" the order with your name. This is different from the above steps, and important, because it makes who claimed which orders searchable on the orders overview page. The "Tags" field is lower on the page and to the left. Click in the "Tags" field to view the dropdown menu and then select your name.

The resulting "Tag" will look like this:

Important: Do not remove or change tags, the "claimed" line, or the invoices   If an order is tagged, claimed, and invoiced, it belongs to that editor.

D. To finish claiming the order, save your changes on the order page (using the "Save" button on the lower right) an send an email to



Be sure to included the order number and the "EFS" designation in the subject line along with the invoice, as follows:

You've now claimed your order and I'll add this information to my spreadsheet.

Step 2 - Set Up Word

Since we've begun contracting with universities through a corporate entity, it's important to make a temporary change to your "Editor" identity in your version of Microsoft Word. Microsoft's support site describes this process for most versions of Word in their support documentation as follows:


In the First Name field, the author should be changed to and the initials should be changed to EFS.

Step 3. Edit and Upload the File

Once you've upload the file, it will need to be edited and sent via our JotForm page.

A. First, log back into the admin page and find the order.

B. Then, copy the client's email address, which is shown on the right hand side of the order page under "ORDER CONTACT":

Important: Please do not contact the client by email. One of the selling points of our service is its "Print and turn in" approach. Just as comments and suggestions for changes should be minimal to none in the document (unless citation information is needed), our clients aren't expecting any emails about their draft.

C. Finally, copy that email address and the client's first name only into the upload page at --

Add your first and last name, upload the edited file from your drive, and click "SUBMIT." When the order is sent, you'll see a JotForm confirmation page and the client will receive the file. A copy of the sent confirmation will also be sent to Editors For Students, will be marked as "Sent" on our payment sheet, and your payment will be pending as specified in our contract, or earlier when possible.

That's all you need to do. Your invoices are being tracked and recorded on a separate spread sheet and you don't need to send another one, but if you have any concerns about them or believe I've missed one, you can write to me with the specific order number referenced in the subject line.

Rates for Invoicing



                     Citation orLayout Formatting Only—$1/pg.

                     Citation and Layout Formatting Combined—$2/pg.

                     Editing, Citation Formatting, & Layout Formatting­­––$5.50

                     Editing & Citation Formatting­ (NoLayout)––$4.50/pg.

                     Editing & Layout Formatting­­, No Citation Formatting––$5/pg.

                     Proofreading, Citation Formatting, & Layout Formatting­­––$3/pg.

                     Proofreading & Citation Formatting­ (NoLayout)––$2/pg.

                     Proofreading & Layout Formatting­­ (No Citation Formatting)––$2.50/pg.