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Resumé & CV Editing Service

Preparing a resumé or CV requires meticulous attention to detail, but applicants writing Resume Editing Servicethem are often so focused on summarizing their careers that they overlook details like inconsistent spacing, comma usage, font sizes, and grammatical parallelism. These elements of formatting, grammar, and style are important because they reflect your attention to detail.  

When you order our intensive resumé and CV editing service, we prepare your resumé from the top down, ensuring that the work history and professional experience you relate to your future employers express your experience, goals, and future contributions with their clearest formatting, grammar, and style possible.

Our Promise

We will ensure, as we have since our founding in 2002 in San Jose, California, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment. 

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Resume Editing ServiceResume Editing Service 

Resume Editing Service

Our Focus: Structural Coherence

The first impression you make matters the most. When your future employer looks at your resumé for the first time, you'll instantly relay to them how well you're able to organize your thoughts, write reports, memos, and email for the organization, and communicate key points clearly. Committees and reviewers often make a decision about whether to pursue you as a candidate within a few seconds of seeing your text on the page. To help your resumé stand out from the rest, we  focus meticulously on the following elements essential to every strong resumé or CV:
  • Proofreading & Editing: When we edit your resumé for grammar, we leave no minor detail ignored: capitalization, style and voice, parallelism, punctuation, verb tense, and word choice errors are uniformly isolated and corrected.
  • Formatting: Formatting a resumé or CV is a demanding task. You need an eye on every detail: the margins, how your headings look, consistency of spacing, how your bullet points are aligned, and, most importantly, how clearly your job titles and experience stand out on the page.

Since 2002, we've helped highly qualified scholars in the U.S. and globally to emphasize their work and academic experience, contributions, and responsibilities by applying our exacting standards of proofreading, editing, and formatting to their resumé and CV drafts. You've worked hard to get where you are, and you've enjoyed the journey. Don't let errors in your CV or resumé detract from your efforts. We'll have a beautifully formatted, carefully proofed, and thoroughly prepared version returned to you in 24 hours.

Your Final Draft is Here

Unlike the other editing services, we don't leave comments or suggestions for you to address. You'll receive a final draft of your resumé with track changes turned on for your review. Unless you'd like to make any revisions or reject any of our edits using Word's track changes tool, your resumé will be completely ready to forward to your future colleagues. Once you've seen the quality of our service, we're sure you'll want to have us edit your admission essay or cover letter, too.