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Ethics and Academic Editing

We do not endorse, practice, or recommend plagiarism, defined as the use ofCollege Essay Editing Ethicsanother writer's words or ideas without citation. We strongly recommend that students with essays graded primarily for their grammar (i.e., essays for English Comp) seek academically endorsed sources of writing help, such as a writing center, peer review, and meetings with professors and advisors. Writers unsure of the ethics of using professional editors in their courses should check with their professors before using our services. Professors who endorse our editing services find that we help them and their students focus on course ideas and materials, research, analysis, and findings.

Maintaining the consensus guidelines for ethical student editing, as suggested by sources like the Chicago Manual of Style, we do not staff editors hired as experts in a given field. This safeguard ensures that editors do not develop concepts for our clients and allows them to focus on the elements of grammar and style. All of our editors, however, have academic training in fields that use APA and professional familiarity with another style. In contrast, hiring content-specific staff for editing work is most appropriate for content editing and ghostwriting.

Like our essay editing and dissertation editing services, our admissions essay editing service does not provide substantive or developmental editing. Other internet sites do provide these services, along with coaching and rewriting. We recommend that writers who need their ideas developed seek those services or work with their professors, committee members, and university services to help them.

Our thesis and dissertation editing services help graduate students prepare grammatically accurate and painstakingly formatted drafts. Before the internet put them within reach of students seeking them online, these services were traditionally performed by professional typesetters, editors, colleagues, university employees, and partners behind typewriters. We do not provide research or developmental editing for academic writers, change, nor do we change or correct the substantive content of a writer's research, analysis, or conclusions. All the work we return to our clients maintains their original ideas.  

If you are an advisor, committee member, or professor with questions about our academic editing services, we invite you to contact us any time on behalf of your students, to request a departmental discount, to inquire about payments through university vending, or to find out more about how we can help your department, university, students, and colleagues this semester.

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