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Our Privacy Policy and Client Agreement

  • Thesis, Dissertation, and Essay Editing Service

    Editors For Students (EFS) provides editing services primarily, but not exclusively, to academic writers of scholarly essays, capstone and thesis projects, and dissertations.
  • Privacy - We take our clients' privacy seriously, and will not share client documents or personal information with any third party.
  • Refund Policy - We will ensure, as we have since 2002, that the final draft you receive from us is completely ready to publish or turn in and will work with you until it's ready or refund your payment. Our service guarantee covers our originally edited version of the ordered document. We will not review as part of our guarantee any documents with revisions made by the client after our editing. In the event of a refund request, we require (a) communication from a university representative (e.g., a committee member or other official reviewer) stating that a document could not be accepted following the standard review process, which typically includes some requests for revisions, and (b) proof that the errors could not be addressed by us in time due to a scheduling error on our side (see below).
  • Timelines - We assume that our customers are familiar with the interfaces and technology associated with the EFS website and know how to send, receive, and open attachments. In the event of a system failure or technical knowledge failure at the customer end, EFS cannot be held responsible for the timely completion of work. Potential failures include, but are not limited to, incorrect purchaser information (email address, etc.) or purchaser credit card information, problems with file transfer, incorrect formatting guidelines uploaded by a client, customer problems opening or printing files, or client-introduced errors. We will, in the event of any such problems, endeavor to remedy them in the draft/version originally submitted as our finished work. We also assume that our clients will leave time between their institutional deadlines and our deadlines to review their work, make any revisions they would like, and request revisions under our guarantee. We cannot be responsible for "time crunches" due to our clients' scheduling or planning but will meet the deadlines you set with us.
  • Copyright and Plagiarism - It is not our policy to check work for copyright infringement or plagiarism, and we cannot be held responsible for plagiarized content in a customer's work in its original submitted or edited form. Clients are responsible for determining whether their institution considers any part of their work plagiarized or likely to lead to charges of plagiarism. We cannot be held liable for grades or academic penalties related to such charges, or responsible to academic institutions making such charges.
  • Intellectual Property - All the content on and other subdomains is the sole intellectual and physical property of Editors For Students. Submitted work remains the exclusive property of the customer, though we request the right to occasionally post or utilize such work as examples of our editing in a manner respecting the anonymity and privacy of our clients. Search engines will not detect samples on our site. Customers may request that their work not be used as samples.
  • Academic Liability - EFS recognizes that academic evaluations of student work depend on factors beyond our control, including but not limited to: validity of the work to the assignment, factual correctness of the work, originality of the work, and subjective opinion of the professor or other evaluator. Since this is the case, we cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible for disappointing grades due to these factors, or any other factor that may affect grades. Any errors left in a draft that should have been caught, according to our service descriptions, will be addressed at no additional cost. 
  • Services - EFS services are detailed on our web site, but they are not limited to those listed. We reserve the right to modify our services and service prices at any time.  

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Thesis, Dissertation, and Essay Editing ServiceThesis, Dissertation, and Essay Editing Service 
Thesis, Dissertation, and Essay Editing Service