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The Original All-Academic Editing Service

Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Editing Service

You've reached this page because you're seeking clarity, consistency, and grammatical precision in your writing. You've come to the right place. Since our founding in 2002 as the original all-academic editing service, we've provided final-draft proofreading, formatting, and editing services that students (and professors) can afford for their most important work.

We were the first online service to make thesis, dissertation, and essay editing widely available and affordable and to prove that professors would endorse professional editing for student writers. In fact, our oldest online review comes from in 2004:

Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Editing Service

Our Promise 

The final draft you receive from us will be completely ready to publish or turn in, and we'll work with you until it's done or refund your payment.  

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Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Editing ServiceEssay, Thesis, and Dissertation Editing Service 

Our Editing Services

  • Tips for Academic Writers

    Our scholarly writing tips for college writers offer teaching tools for composition professors and writing centers and helpful advice for writers struggling to understand and ins and outs of common essay types.

Our Experience

Since our founding in 2002, we've prepared (i.e., edited, formatted, and proofread) tens of thousands of pages of student dissertations for publication in ProQuest and ERIC's databases alone.

Our Rates & Discounts

The rates for our services are set to meet the needs and budgets of graduate and undergraduate students. We've done the math, and our per-page rates are comparable to the hourly rates offered elsewhere, and our prices are slightly lower than those of our competitors' rates per page. You can find our latest discounts posted on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. 

Installment Plans Available

We understand that academic editing can be an unexpected necessity, but don't worry. If you're not ready to pay now, select the   icon when you check out to pay in 4 installments.

Our Competitors

We edit. They proofread (and call it editing).

Other companies use a pool of casual or part-time editors who produce work like the sample we recently requested from another service and re-edited here.

The Editing Process

When you order editing services from us, we'll change the grammar and style directly in your draft using Word's track changes function. After we edit your essay or dissertation and return it by email, you can choose to review each of the changes individually or accept them universally. Unlike other services online, we don't leave comments or suggestions for you to review. Instead, we'll return an error-free, print-ready draft.

Natural Intelligence

A thorough academic editing review requires a human eye that remains attentive to your academic writing style, the chapter and context of each correction, and the topic of your thesis, dissertation, or essay. For these reasons, natural intelligence remains, as it has been since our founding in 2002, at the core of our editing service. Our editing ensures your writing is consistent with your academic field's style requirements and that Grammarly's multiple errors and awkward suggestions aren't left in your final draft. 

Our sample here shows the difference between AI editing and our natural intelligence approach. The document is an APA dissertation sent to us with a 99% Grammarly score, but we found—and fixed—hundreds of style and grammar errors.Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Editing Service

What You'll Need to Get Started

To place an order with us, you'll need a Word version of the essay, thesis, or dissertation draft that you'd like us to edit, the total word count of the document, any instructions or guidelines that you'd like us to follow (such as formatting guidelines or comments from a professor or advisor), and a payment method. 

Book and Manuscript Editing

We also offer a suite of services for academic writers publishing books and journal articles at our sister site, Off the Grid Editing, where we provide an extensive line editing service for authors seeking more extensive revisions for clarity.