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Conquering College Stress

There's only one way to avoid the last minute paper rush thousands of students suffer from every year -- start planning your paper ahead of the class. Most professors and lecturers are fairly clear about writing assignments early in the semester, but even if they're not, you can anticipate what you'll be asked to write about just by paying attention to course content. Listen for something said in class that interests you, scan textbook bibliographies for titles that catch your eye, and spend a few minutes of web time now and then browsing your library's resources.

Coming up with a workable topic early can help students focus on the most difficult part of the composition process later in the semester -- actually putting your ideas down on paper. Knowing what you want to say and becoming familiar with the sources you want to use ahead of time takes most of the stress out of writing for a deadline.

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As you become more familiar with your topic, it's important to let your writing keep up with your ideas. The traditional steps for composition -- outlining, drafting, and revision -- can help accomplish this, but keep in mind that these steps were invented by and for people who used typewriters, people who needed a tidy set of guidelines to save paper and cut back on the messy tasks of erasing errors and changing ribbons. Since you have a word processor, you should take advantage of the conveniences it offers. Go ahead and "type" your ideas whenever they come to mind: you can always move your words around later. 

Of course, having access to an editor can ease the stress of planning essays by freeing you up to focus on developing your core ideas rather than struggling with grammar. Our essay editing service guarantees that you'll have someone to help you write whenever you need help, as long as you need one. Editors For Students smoothes your grammar, helping you find your individual voice and to write your best ideas more clearly.

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